What exactly am I doing?

MzSadie is a trendy entrepreneur who has been working for 8 years to formulate, manufacture, market and distribute over one thousand of the best nutrition, skincare, food, vaping, jewelry, and fashion products to the world. The global enterprise includes offices in California, Florida, Illinois, New York & Pennsylvania as well as in Jericho, Israel, Kiev, Ukraine and Valencia, Spain.

The newest global product line of CBD rich hemp products includes over 100 individual items ranging from supplements to foods to clothing.

The MzSadie team works long hours with their incredible in house medical and scientific staff to conceive novel, breakthrough products then go hands on to move each product through manufacturing, packaging, marketing and sales until it lands on leading retail shelves globally. MzSadie is the face of her brands and together with your help she is taking control of her life back from huge corporate multinationals creating a true social commerce global takeover.

Why did she start?

On October 1, 2015 she was sitting in an early morning marketing meeting discussing social media strategies and it struck her that if media stars and celebrities could put their names to products and make them successful why couldn’t the reverse be true? In other words, why couldn’t a business woman with great products become a media sensation. She thought, why not be the first so she chose the newest social media, live streaming video, to deliver the message.

How is she doing?

@mzsadie is the #1 Twitter Most Viewed Account of 330 Million and also #1 on Periscope
Also NOW featured daily on the latest App, Peeks!

As of May 2017, utilizing the small office based team have built over 1.4 Million Live Streaming followers, have received over 40 million hearts (likes) and have received over 2.4 billion social mentions on the top three social media platforms alone. Our Live, original content is seen by over 2.5 million people weekly and our content is now crossing over to the streaming syndication world, soon to be available on over 20 world-wide platforms.