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The world of apparel retailing is changing rapidly. Large chain stores that have had prominent places in thousands of malls in America are shutting their doors permanently. Clothing ads in magazines and on large internet sites are all but disappearing. And new brands that understand social media, the live streaming arena and the power of authentic recommendations are set to flourish.

That is precisely why I am launching the MzSadie apparel store. My goal is to provide quality products at incredible prices. And as importantly, rather than giving money to large corporate mall owners, huge multibillion dollar internet companies and advertising companies to introduce my products to the world, I want to give my marketing money to the actual people who use my products, share pictures and connect others – in other words –

Let’s take for example an item that has a suggested retail price of $34.95.

I will offer it at an everyday sale price of $29.98.

But that is not the price you will purchase it at. If you agree to post pictures and/or do video of the item for your social media pages, I will discount the actual sale price 50% making the item available to you at $14.98. If I see a lot of activity on your posts, I will pay you as a brand ambassador.

If you wish to purchase products for resale, I simply need you to sign up as a retailer, internet or otherwise, and I will give you an additional discount bringing the price down to $9.99. The only requirement I have for retailers is that they purchase 6 or more items when they place their order.

I will be starting this unique store with hundreds of lingerie, fitness, swimwear and club wear fashion items. The actual products will be a mixture of major national brands for whom I am a distributor and items that I am having cut and sewn specifically for my brand.

Each item will have pictures of real people wearing it, and as we progress, links to pictures on social media of actual buyers wearing the outfits. Most items will have authentic video of how the clothing looks on a real person (often me); not a professional model with a team to make it look good. Real clothing seen in Real Life.

Imagine that - being able to purchase $34.95 items for an everyday low retail price of $9.99! And the good news is that I am still making plenty of money to stay in business. What does that tell you about the old way you bought clothing? Yes, you were being abused by a lot of corporate suits and ties.

Want Authenticity? Look no further than MzSadie.