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Pure Gold
When I wake up each day...I work hard to turn things to Gold.
Humbled from Head to Toe!

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Get ready for the New Song: Streaming Queen
Save this as your Screen Saver.

Bath Time
When you're part of the MzSadie Circle, you can join in nice intimate moments like a bath....and just watch the bubbles melt away.....

All BLACK like a Ninja!

Sadie Dukes

Behind the scenes for the new MzSadie Swimwear line....beautiful from front to back. Not aware of this moment, as MzSadie looks off in the distance.
Unadulterated....natural and raw

Around Memorial Day, I broadcasted a Story Time Forum on Peeks.
It was me telling a story from a viewer...it was intense and this was my costume and I am your performer.

For a wonderful night, I suggest you scroll through my replays in the 18+ section on Peeks. You'll love this one.
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Your Sadie Bae Watch is on.....

Oh Hazel...we sure enjoyed your company last night.

Who else had a blast playing the fun game Naked Time Trap?
When the viewers play, The Viewers Win....MzSadie, the Streaming Queen
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MzSadie Pillow Talk---This Replay is available on Peeks. I ended up lighting candles and doing a sexy dance.
Your suggestion of course!
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offer a great fitness physique as well. How about a j20 while swimming? Just 20 minutes to increase your cardio vascular activity. Read more at: J20 Workout

When Opposites Attract....My girl loved getting WET

Blonde & Brunette
Serbia & USA

Did anyone order a Slingshot??
MzSadie the Streaming Queen, La Reina back at it with a little Latin flavor here.

S&S Takeover...
Beautiful Serbia's first time in the Hot Tub with MzSadie was a night to remember. She officially blessed us all. Twerk Queen and Streaming Queen Takeover.

Afternoon Peach Delight with MzSadie
Check out the Peeks Replays.

The MzSadie Key Club Meeting went great....
this was taken right after, which meant....I had to put the top back on.
Hello World! (iphone filter-Chrome)

This is what happens after the Body Paint, Finger Painting........
My girlfriend and I send special thanks.
Catch the replay on Peeks...Make sure you enable your account. You must be 18 years or older to view this artistic night of Fun!!
Thank goodness those polka dots came off.

as Wonder Woman....making banana bread. She really does it all.
This was after a special Live meeting with the MzSadie Key Club. They tuned in as she mixed, stirred and sifted.

The Beautiful Rivalry
The Yankees/Boston series ended up with Yankees winning 2 of 3 games. Of course the girlfriend and MzSadie were on different sides...Although Boston lost, she still delivered a fun night for....MzSadie Wins.

Watch the Peeks Broadcasts Titled: 2 Girl Lingerie Body Twister...Sponsored fully by: MzSadie Live Wire Lingerie

This weeks back workout.
Did you know that Sadie's back is her favorite body part??
**A special thanks again to all the MzSadie Key Club Members, yesterday's meeting was the inspiration for this image. Thank you for your evaluation.

A little mysterious, a little bit free...a little sassy...the Classic Mz

Let's conduct some: Business in Bikinis

Stylish from Head to Toe...
Chanel Sunnies
Bikini by Victoria Secret
Gucci gold sandals

Oh no.....not a game that involves losing clothes??

Make sure you join MzSadie during NBA Half Time for her game time.
You Always WIN!
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Peaches & Cream
Your body is your temple. Take time daily to work on it.
Even if it's j20. Just 20 minutes can change your life.

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The bubble bath photo was taken after Story Time Forum so imagine how she felt.

The Classic White Tee made famous by Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch and Now MzSadie

The Sultry
MzSadie with those Pillow Talk eyes