It is said that history repeats itself every fifty years. Perhaps that is true, as I do feel the rebirth of a special energy in the world, a life force that some refer to “sex energy.”

Over a half decade ago, sex energy was responsible for the vibe that created classy, upscale magazines like Playboy as well as a whole new era of provocatively erotic literature and iconic cinema sex symbols like Marilyn Monroe and Raquel Welch.

Today, I find myself at a unique place in history. Due to my being, quite literally, the top personality in live streaming social media, I find myself doing daily live broadcasts where I am interacting simultaneously with 30,000 to 50,000 people from all over the globe. Think about that for a moment; I push a little button on my phone and within minutes I am interacting back and forth with more people than are found in an average football stadium. Since this occurs daily - and my interactions center around activities such as cooking, fitness, washing the dog or just relaxing in the Florida sun – I have become a lightning rod for what people in the world are thinking and feeling. I am authentic to them so they describe their world to me, as they see it.

More than anything, I see a born-again sex energy, among both men and women. I see a world that loves and responds to classy, sexy confidence. A world where business in bikinis is accepted. A world where there is a new wave of musicians and rappers building up women with their music rather than dehumanizing them as has so sadly been the case in the past. A world where the personalized “tease” is more valued than the cold, impersonal often aggressive sex acts so often exploited on adult internet sites.

I have seen this new sex energy growing daily in my interactions and I want to step forward to help facilitate this positive change. I realize that myself and people like me will be demonized by the religious right. That is sad as those who will be so critical also speak so vehemently about religious freedom and so vigorously support our brave soldiers who fight for personal freedom throughout the world. Despite the inevitable rebuke, I feel compelled to take my place in amplifying the thoughts and feelings I see from the millions of people who cross my path LIVE.

Now, I will take my stand in social media, not as a woman wishing to exploit sex, but as a woman wishing to show the world that it is possible and acceptable to have fun and be sexy while remaining sophisticated and classy.

Today, I send a call out to musicians, writers, photographers, fashion designers and social media mavens to join with me in showing adults through our personal crafts that it is not only acceptable to be sexy and classy, but it can also be desirable to the new world.

Aside from my live broadcasts, I am choosing to become a proponent of the female form, through fashion. For me, lingerie is a means of personal expression and not something that should be hidden in a “naughty drawer.” Experience the rebirth of a new sexual energy and a shocking transformation in your life with our new Live Wire Lingerie.

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