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Sadiesha Stebbins, 40, graduated from the State University of New York at Albany with a degree in Latin Caribbean Studies, Spanish and Education. After a few years working for others in corporate America, Sadie founded Tampa Bay Zone Media Company which encompassed television, magazine publishing and the Internet. She produced and starred in the weekly Tampa Bay Zone television program on the CW network which was rated above Access Hollywood in the Tampa market.  This experience led her to create a social media persona and now represents major companies across the world, including her own. 

Today, Sadie owns and manages a multinational product and service conglomerate with offices in Florida, New York, California, Las Vegas, Chicago, London and Israel. The main business is the manufacturing and distribution of nutritional, skin, cosmetic and personal care products in the US and abroad. However, it's brands have grown to include direct response terpene based olfaction products, cannabis raw oils (CBD + DELTA 8) and finished products, far infrared jewelry, thoroughbred breeding and racing, software information systems, location based digital commerce, near field commerce, social media marketing and direct sales internet companies.

Global Business at it's Finest!