Born into Fitness

Growing up as an athlete, playing 3 sports, Varsity Basketball as a Freshman, team captains of both BasketBall and Volleyball has instilled the athleticism into my days. Today, as a thriving CEO, very active in my career and utilizing my love of people and teaching what I've learned has afforded me the opportunity to take my fitness to levels beyond anyones imagination. I believe in the FITTE principle as a personal trainer and the E stands for Enjoyment. You'll see here, and throughout my social media posts, Club S-80, a vertical pole studio in my home. If you want to join me in the fun, click the pole image to shop. I've been an affiliate and have had their poles for over 10 years.  They are easy to install on your own. All you need is a ladder, a beam finder and a tool or two. 


Then a few years ago after meeting all of my personal fitness goals...I was stuck. So I created the j20 workout concept. JUST 20 minutes a day of physical activity can change your life. You become more active. You look forward to JUST 20 minutes and naturally you may do a little more. When you exercise, you feel good about yourself. If you feel good, you cannot feel bad.  I encourage you to like and follow the j20 workout page on Instagram. @j20workout 



For over 10 years I have also enhanced my workouts and fat burning using the Sweet Sweat product. The history behind it's manufacturing had always been fascinating to me and I respect the body of Science.  For the last 3 years I've been part of the Sweet Sweat affiliate program. As this years 2021 Sweat Squad and also part of the 2021 squad, you can click the link to shop and at checkout you'll save 10% on your order with the Promo code: mzsadie10  My personal goals are to share what works in life, to show the process and to always be here for you.


At anytime you can reach me using the contact page here to email me with questions. If you post your fitness photos, you can tag me and I'll comment and share in the journey with you. Part of working out and exercising is companionship. It's true, I learned that from the professionals. It's why some of us need a personal trainer, a buddy or a friend to work out with. Consider me that person for you. Let's share in this fitness lifestyle together.